Sunday, 18 September 2011

Green with Regret

Quite a few years ago, I fell in love with a pair of pointed heels from Sportsgirl (this was before I worked there). They were seriously terrific. The perfect green, so comfortable, just the right height and so 80's it hurt. I happen to adore the 80's - especially power ballads and the shoulder pad fashion - so these were definitely the shoes for me. This being said, I somehow managed to continuously talk myself out of them. Lack of funds was probably the main contributing factor, but this is an obstacle that can always be worked around.

I vividly remember the last time I talked myself out of them. I was with a friend (I honestly can't remember who) and we had stopped in town very quickly so I tried them on for her. She and I both agreed that they were fabulous, but I just didn't need them and they also didn't really look THAT good (at this point I will just quietly say that I was wearing TRACK SUIT PANTS at the time so a) they were going to look hideous with them anyway and b) why the hell was I wearing track suit pants down the street shopping??? *Cringe*).  So off we went and the next time I looked in... they were gone. Of course, I could have tracked them down somehow but I had the mentality of, "If they're gone when I next go in, then it wasn't meant to be". Stupid, stupid, stupid. I have always regretted my decision to not purchase those shoes, and have been on the look out for a similar pair ever since.

So in memory of those amazing shoes, here are some pieces that remind me of them. May I also point out that I think green is going to be big this Spring/Summer and am feeling lucky - you may just see me strolling the streets in my green heels yet!!

RevolveClothing - Oh look, they've used my lower body as a model!

As close as I could get to my long lost green pumps. These are vintage.

Amazing coat.

Not the exact same green but it's so terrific, who really cares!

LOVE this ASOS belt for a splash of colour.

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