Friday, 16 September 2011

"Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance" - Rick Kaplan.... whoever that is.

I happen to be terribly in love with a man in a bow tie, and that was before Chuck Bass started wearing them in all his suave, cadness in GG. Hard to believe, I know (he does make them effortlessly sexy and amazing), but it's true. There is something so fabulous about a man wearing a bow tie; very self assured and very cool. Especially a straight man wearing one. Any gay man can pull off a bow tie, but not every straight man can be confident enough to do so. As my friend, Gemma, pointed out - a man in a bow tie is so Burberry, and who doesn't love a Burberry man?

My fabulous fiance, Lewis, looks terrific in a bow tie. He has the perfect amount of preppy and debonair to make it look like he was born in a bow tie (funniest image ever!). I love that I am going to marry man who can wear one; seriously. Was definitely on the "non-negotiables" list for my future husband! 

Lewis rocking a classic black bow tie. 

Wear a plaid bow tie with a striped or checked dress shirt for instant funk, or go classic like Lewis and roll up the sleeves of your simple dress shirt, add a one tone tie and ooze style. A fun pattern is also definitely a winner. Hair does have to be side parted though - if you do a bow tie your grooming needs to be very simplistic and male. Very in love.   

The main components of wearing and pulling off a bow tie? Don't think too much about it, don't be self conscious when wearing them and do wear them for any occasion! Trust me. 

Alexander McQueen Plaid Bow Tie

General Pants and Co. Blue Check Bow Tie

One of my favourites - Topman Floral Bow Tie

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