Thursday, 13 October 2011

Change of Address...

Just a quick note to let anyone who was possibly following this particular blog know, even though I highly assume I will be sending this out into the void to no one, I have had a change of address. I will now be posting all that is dear to me on dear-to-me.

Please come take a look! I've also given the blog a make over ("Clueless" style!!.... without the clogs and tartan).

Monday, 3 October 2011

Lewis wants to be all Daryl on our wedding day...

Can you really blame him?? Daryl Braithwaite had it right with "Horses"!

Lewis has been saying (pretty much demanding) since we became engaged that he desperately wants to have a horse in our wedding pictures. I think he's leaving the technical side of acquiring said horse up to me. I adore the idea as I love horses in general, but am finding it hard to conjure up any ideas of how we're going to pull this off. If anyone has any tips (...horses?) on how to help, please let me know. In the meantime, here's a little inspiration. Have to say, I think these pictures are divine.

Tick tock... The actual clock kind, not Kesha (... so fabulous... I'm just saying).

So maybe now that I have a dress organised, and I will actually have something to wear on the day, I am feeling a lot less "knotty" and a lot more excited for our wedding! Everything really seems to be coming together, and I really thought that there would never be a point where I could actually say that in our little less than a year of planning.

My mum and I went op shopping on the weekend to find some more vases, jugs, platters etc for the table "centrepieces" and for serving, and we seriously had THE best time. Letting her and I loose in thrift and antique stores proved to be a) very productive b) a little crazy, and as a result  c) scary for those around us and, if I'm being honest, us at times and d) highly enjoyable.  We were practically skipping out of stores, arm in arm, giddy with excitement, and when we returned home ("Hail! The conquering heroes!!!" - Genie), we were seriously chuffed with ourselves, and proceeded to unload it all for Lewis and Duncan (my brother) to admire! Which, to their merit, they did so very convincingly.

I desperately want to take photos of some of the antique pieces I've found in Paddington over the last few months, and also the new ones found on the weekend, but I'll probably end up being slack and you won't see anything until I put up wedding photos! Lazy, I know. If it happens, I'll be terribly surprised, but you never know! I may just find that little bit more time up my sleeve for creativity.

53 days until The Wedding

Death by tea cups. The best kind... Although probably painful.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

I Want Style Like: Audrey

I highly doubt that anyone could argue my next point. If you're going to aspire to dress like anyone, you couldn't be mistaken in following the classic, young style of Audrey Hepburn. Not very original of me, I know, but I really can't stand the cult following of such celebrities as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. Sure, they're probably very creative and nice people, but they lack that elegant edge that most woman desire when putting together an outfit (or don't desire? If you want to look like a homeless person who went through people's garbage to find attire, then please - by all means go for it.... That's actually very mean; there are outfits on celebrities such as Kate and Alexa that are wonderful. That being said, they were probably picked out for them).

I simply adore the way she dresses. Everything is very clean, well-cut and classic; utterly stylish. Even though some may think her clothes boring, I think that regardless, Audrey has always had, and always will have, mystery about her. And isn't that what we all want? To seem a little untouchable?

"I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it..." 
Audrey Hepburn

Green with Regret

Quite a few years ago, I fell in love with a pair of pointed heels from Sportsgirl (this was before I worked there). They were seriously terrific. The perfect green, so comfortable, just the right height and so 80's it hurt. I happen to adore the 80's - especially power ballads and the shoulder pad fashion - so these were definitely the shoes for me. This being said, I somehow managed to continuously talk myself out of them. Lack of funds was probably the main contributing factor, but this is an obstacle that can always be worked around.

I vividly remember the last time I talked myself out of them. I was with a friend (I honestly can't remember who) and we had stopped in town very quickly so I tried them on for her. She and I both agreed that they were fabulous, but I just didn't need them and they also didn't really look THAT good (at this point I will just quietly say that I was wearing TRACK SUIT PANTS at the time so a) they were going to look hideous with them anyway and b) why the hell was I wearing track suit pants down the street shopping??? *Cringe*).  So off we went and the next time I looked in... they were gone. Of course, I could have tracked them down somehow but I had the mentality of, "If they're gone when I next go in, then it wasn't meant to be". Stupid, stupid, stupid. I have always regretted my decision to not purchase those shoes, and have been on the look out for a similar pair ever since.

So in memory of those amazing shoes, here are some pieces that remind me of them. May I also point out that I think green is going to be big this Spring/Summer and am feeling lucky - you may just see me strolling the streets in my green heels yet!!

RevolveClothing - Oh look, they've used my lower body as a model!

As close as I could get to my long lost green pumps. These are vintage.

Amazing coat.

Not the exact same green but it's so terrific, who really cares!

LOVE this ASOS belt for a splash of colour.

Friday, 16 September 2011

"Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance" - Rick Kaplan.... whoever that is.

I happen to be terribly in love with a man in a bow tie, and that was before Chuck Bass started wearing them in all his suave, cadness in GG. Hard to believe, I know (he does make them effortlessly sexy and amazing), but it's true. There is something so fabulous about a man wearing a bow tie; very self assured and very cool. Especially a straight man wearing one. Any gay man can pull off a bow tie, but not every straight man can be confident enough to do so. As my friend, Gemma, pointed out - a man in a bow tie is so Burberry, and who doesn't love a Burberry man?

My fabulous fiance, Lewis, looks terrific in a bow tie. He has the perfect amount of preppy and debonair to make it look like he was born in a bow tie (funniest image ever!). I love that I am going to marry man who can wear one; seriously. Was definitely on the "non-negotiables" list for my future husband! 

Lewis rocking a classic black bow tie. 

Wear a plaid bow tie with a striped or checked dress shirt for instant funk, or go classic like Lewis and roll up the sleeves of your simple dress shirt, add a one tone tie and ooze style. A fun pattern is also definitely a winner. Hair does have to be side parted though - if you do a bow tie your grooming needs to be very simplistic and male. Very in love.   

The main components of wearing and pulling off a bow tie? Don't think too much about it, don't be self conscious when wearing them and do wear them for any occasion! Trust me. 

Alexander McQueen Plaid Bow Tie

General Pants and Co. Blue Check Bow Tie

One of my favourites - Topman Floral Bow Tie

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Most important french lesson ever...

Have been very slack with my french lessons! Here is a difficult, but vital, phrase:

"Fuyez à votre maison de campagne avec vous? Bien sûr!"
"Run away with you to your country mansion? Of course!" (Loosely!)

One every girl MUST know. Unless he is a lunatic. Best indicators for not? He'll be very sexy and very rich.

My room... Obviously.

Don't mind if I do!

Macaron Wednesday...

The farmers markets in Brisbane Square every Wednesday is probably one of my most favourite days. The vibe is terrific; so many stalls and so many people, fresh flowers and most importantly - food. So much food. My favourite of these are the macarons at 'Monsieur Macaron'.

Actual frenchmen and actual macarons that are, simply put, divinity. The macarons melt in your mouth and are the perfect size for a guilt-free treat... Unless you're like me and have at least 2 or 3...
Sometimes I get lucky and don't even have to venture outside; Lewis frequently sees a perfect opportunity to add to his 'most amazing fiance ever' status and brings a selection into work. This being said, I do love the atmosphere of the markets and love meeting him there, seeing as he works in the building right beside it.

I took these snaps at work on a lunch break after braving the wind and cold to acquire my coveted macarons. The purple is my all time favourite - lavender. White chocolate ganache and actual lavender flavouring ("Heaven... I'm in heaven...."). The green is ginger - seriously terrific yet subtle, and the pink is raspberry jam - you can't go wrong with this one.

You can find them at Monsieur Macaron, or meet me at the Farmers Markets on Wednesday!

Actual frenchman. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

la vie en rose... (so very original)

My friend is moving to Paris. I am crazy envious, and can't begin to explain how excited I am for her. So, in honour of her eminent departure, I shall be learning one french phrase a week.

This week's phrase:

"Je suis terriblement jaloux de son."
"I am terribly jealous of her."

Imagine if you lived here...

This is me in Paris! 

the final countdown

I woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach because I realised that our wedding is only a little over 3 months away. I would be lying if I said that planning our wedding has been the most stress-free, smooth-sailing experience! I had really started to consider running away with Lewis and doing it somewhere far away and very fast, however I know that we would both regret not having our families and dear, wonderful friends be part of our day. As the time gets closer, things have really started to fall into place, and we have had such amazing help, but I have to say; I just want to be married to him, to hear the words, "I now pronounce you husband and wife"... because that is all I want. So I am going to countdown to that.

96 days until The Wedding. 

Monday, 8 August 2011

"Here I Am" - Air Supply

I wish I could say that my motivation to start a blog was based on a need to share my insightful, witty and terribly clever thoughts with a wider audience other than my darling (poor!) fiance, close family and friends. This is not so. I have been mulling (love this word) over the idea of a blog for some time, and with a lot of encouragement from a certain best friend, I have ventured into the world of blog.

The idea for my blog is not something new, and so I highly doubt that I will have many followers, but that is not of great import. I am in need of a creative outlet. I am, at the moment, directionless. I don't exactly know what I want to do with my life on a personal/career/project level and don't really feel like those decisions will be made any time soon. So, in the mean time I shall warm my heart a little by finding things I love and sending them out into the cosmic void to be appreciated with one thing in common; they will all be, quite simply, 'dear-to-me'...