Monday, 3 October 2011

Tick tock... The actual clock kind, not Kesha (... so fabulous... I'm just saying).

So maybe now that I have a dress organised, and I will actually have something to wear on the day, I am feeling a lot less "knotty" and a lot more excited for our wedding! Everything really seems to be coming together, and I really thought that there would never be a point where I could actually say that in our little less than a year of planning.

My mum and I went op shopping on the weekend to find some more vases, jugs, platters etc for the table "centrepieces" and for serving, and we seriously had THE best time. Letting her and I loose in thrift and antique stores proved to be a) very productive b) a little crazy, and as a result  c) scary for those around us and, if I'm being honest, us at times and d) highly enjoyable.  We were practically skipping out of stores, arm in arm, giddy with excitement, and when we returned home ("Hail! The conquering heroes!!!" - Genie), we were seriously chuffed with ourselves, and proceeded to unload it all for Lewis and Duncan (my brother) to admire! Which, to their merit, they did so very convincingly.

I desperately want to take photos of some of the antique pieces I've found in Paddington over the last few months, and also the new ones found on the weekend, but I'll probably end up being slack and you won't see anything until I put up wedding photos! Lazy, I know. If it happens, I'll be terribly surprised, but you never know! I may just find that little bit more time up my sleeve for creativity.

53 days until The Wedding

Death by tea cups. The best kind... Although probably painful.

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